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Watch Former Miami Heat Player Ray Allen Shut Down Prankster

Allen had different thoughts when someone tried to film him in store

Former Miami Heat guard Ray Allen is among the most approachable players in the NBA. 

He often welcomes interaction with fans and media but recently had a different reaction with an onlooker at a department store. When Allen noticed he was being followed and filmed, he took action because he thought he was in the middle of a prank. 

My man," Allen is heard saying on camera. "I know you hear me. You're following me around trying to do some bull****. over here ... Keep it moving." 

Allen has normally been cordial when dealing with public interactions. In June, he joined an argument with some young fans about the best player in league history. Allen willingly gave his opinion despite knowing he was being filmed. 

Guess the topic of discussion is how Allen determines his comfort level of being filmed. 

Allen, a Hall of Fame inductee, played for the Heat in 2012-14. He is forever in Heat history because of his shot in Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs. 


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