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UNC Brass Discussed Potential ACC, Pac-12 ‘Super Conference,’ per Report

According to a report from Andrew Carter of The News & Observer, university leadership at North Carolina floated the idea of a “super conference” between the ACC and Pac-12 amidst the decision by UCLA and USC this summer to spurn the Pac-12 for the Big Ten beginning in 2024.

The News & Observer obtained text messages amongst UNC brass via a public records request, as school decisionmakers discussed the future of the Tar Heels’ athletics program.

“Should we explore a partnership with the Big 12 or Pac 12[?]” UNC athletic director Bubba Cunningham texted university chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz.

“We could have a super conference both athletically and academically,” Guskiewicz responded. “Probably would need to be called the Atlantic-Pacific Athletic Conference (APAC). Maybe that’s crazy, but if it would get us a better TV deal, it may be worth considering,” he continued.

“We need to think about what outcomes we want? What are our priorities? Do we want to maintain all teams in the ACC? Is this a new league? Do we want to have the same number of teams at each school? Should we play a national schedule or regional schedule?” Cunningham questioned.

With the future of college athletics, especially in football, in a state of transition and uncertainty, the ACC clearly refuses to stand idly by. There is no doubt that similar discussions to those happening at North Carolina are happening in athletic departments across the ACC as schools wonder what’s next.

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