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THE VIEW co-host Joy Behar has called out Whoopi Goldberg's odd behavior live on air.

Her strange behavior comes after she pretended to fall asleep during a Hot Topic on the show.

Whoopi Goldberg closed her eyes and pinched her fingers together as she focused closelyCredit: ABC
Co-host Joy Behar called Whoopi out to ask what she was doing and Whoopi said she was 'thinking him into jail'Credit: ABC

On Thursday's show, the panel discussed a clip of former President Donald Trump talking about a lawsuit against him.

After he talked in the video, the camera focused on Whoopi.

The audience could be heard laughing as the clip played and then again when the co-host held up her hands and pinched her fingers together.

Whoopi had her eyes closed as well and Joy asked her: "What are you doing Whoopi?"

One of the other women on the panel said: "She's thinking about it."

Whoopi opened her eyes and nodded, then looked over at Joy.

"I'm thinking him into jail," she clarified.

Sunny Hostin chimed in: "Cause you can just think about stuff and stuff just happens."

The conversation went on and Sara Haines spoke up this time to talk about the Trump family possibly going bankrupt.

After she finished her statement, the crowd laughed again and the camera panned to Whoopi doing the same thinking pose.

"There she goes!" Sunny said, pointing to her.

"She's thinking," Joy said, as Whoopi held the pose for a bit longer than last time.


The View fans took to Twitter to react to her strange behavior and many of them agreed.

"Let’s all think real, real hard @WhoopiGoldberg #TheView," one fan tweeted.

Another watcher added a bunch of laughing emojis and wrote: "#TheView thinking him into jail."

"@WhoopiGoldberg is 'thinking him into jail' I’m watching #TheView," said another, adding clapping emojis.

Tweeting a gif of Steve Martin thinking, one View fan said: "#TheView 'Thinking him into JAIL!!!!"

"Whoopi's method seems solid," added another fan.


However, earlier this week, The View fans did not agree with her actions.

On Wednesday's show, Whoopi and the panel got into the debate of whether or not an online relationship is an actual relationship.

They discussed Adam Levine's recent cheating scandal and what they think went down.

The comedian was initially stunned when she found out he reportedly wanted to name his baby after his mistress.

But then she got tired of discussing it and asked: "Why do we have to participate? Why is The View participating? That's what I want to know.

She then pretended to fall asleep as her co-hosts continued to talk about the Maroon 5 front man's scandal.

She closed her eyes and put her head down.

At one point, the camera zoomed in on her and she was slumped over, pretending to almost fall out of her chair from boredom.

Whoopi eventually "woke up" and took the show to commercial break.

Even though the studio audience laughed at her gimmick, fans online did not think it was funny.

The View fans on Twitter were not happy with Whoopi's behavior and took to the platform to express their disgust.

"Whoopi 'sleeping' during the Adam Levine segment… so rude & disrespectful, taking the audience’s attention away the woman who are doing their JOB talking about the topic. #TheView," wrote one fan.

A second said: "Why exactly does Whoopi get paid millions of dollars? She brings nothing to the show & her pretending to sleep while the other hosts speak, is disrespectful & rude. #TheView."

"If Whoopi doesn't want to talk about something, don't talk then, don't just derail the segment. #TheView," suggested another.

One angry fan said: "Whoopi, I understand you all get 'Hot Topics' you don't wanna discuss but the job is to give your opinion and Adam Levine is a Hot Topic right now. You would not want a host to complain the whole segment about a topic you chose so you should give them the same respect. #TheView."

Only a select few followers agreed with her and her actions, calling the topic boring.

Joy was very confused as to what Whoopi was doingCredit: ABC
Whoopi did her 'thinking face' twice during the segmentCredit: ABC
On Thursday's show, Whoopi and Joy were joined by Sarah Haines, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssa Farah GriffinCredit: ABC