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BRITS look set to face the coldest day of the season so far as temperatures plunge with the possibility of snow early next week.

Snowflakes could be seen falling in the more remote and higher places in northern Scotland on Monday as a “cold plunge” hits our shores.

The more remote parts of Scotland could see some snow at the start of the weekCredit: East Anglia News Service
Temperatures could fall as low as -4C in the remote parts of Scotland early next weekCredit: WXCharts
Southern Scotland and northern England could see some heavy showers at the start of next weekCredit: PA

The Met Office said this was “fairly typical” weather for the time of year and wouldn't affect lower ground or cause any disruption.

Further south, Scotland and northern England could see some heavy downpours.

Southern England will remain dry and bright in the early part of next week with temperatures likely to hit a high of 20C.

Some heavy showers are expected in the South East on Friday and scattered showers across the rest of the UK although this will be mixed with some bright skies.

The Met Office currently has a yellow weather warning for rain in place for Friday and Saturday covering Kent and Sussex.

For most parts temperatures will be in the high teens, possibly reaching 20C around London and falling to single figures overnight.

The weekend will also see chilly conditions particularly overnight and first thing in the mornings.

Eastern parts are likely to see some showers although at the start of the weekend things should be drier and brighter and a band of high pressure comes in from the West but it will still be cold due to a north-westerly air flow coming in.

Into Sunday, low pressure could bring a risk of gales and heavy rain for the northern part of Scotland.

For most though Sunday will remain dry and bright.

Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern said: “Across the UK temperatures are going to be below average for the second half of the weekend and into Monday as well as Tuesday.”

With cold air heading south from Iceland Mr McGivern said a “cold plunge” was on its way.

He said it would be “most likely the coldest air of the season so far.”

Mr McGivern added: “It’s certainly going to feel cold first thing with a touch of frost in the North and chilly winds.”

Temperatures are predicted to drop to low single figures and possibly below zero for some areas, bringing a touch of frost and some snow showers at the start of the working week.

There is a chance of "freezing temperatures" and wintry conditions on the peaks of northern Scotland with the mercury going as low as 0C, according to the Met Office.

It could get as cold as -4C in the remote parts of Scotland, according to graphics from WX Charts.

Mr McGivern added: “It's really going to be over the tops of the Scottish mountains and there's nothing particularly unusual about that at this time of year.” 

Tuesday is forecast to be the coldest of the season so far as the unsettled weather continues although temperatures are then expected to pick up as the week progresses.

Many parts could see a frosty and cold start to the day over the weekend and early next weekCredit: LNP