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Cost of living payment latest: Exact date 8m households to get second cash grant revealed; plus money saving tips

- Cabinet feuding erupts at Tory conference over benefits curbs
- Liz Truss could borrow billions to sign 20yr gas deal with Norway
- Bank of England steps in to save Brits’ pensions

THE Department for Work and Pensions has revealed the exact date Brits can expect the next Cost of Living payment.

Brits will receive their payment of £324 on November 8 - the second installment of the £650 cost of living payment to help claimants with rising energy bills.

And the Government has said that the vast majority of eligible claimants who were due to receive the one-off £150 disability Cost of Living payment by early October have now had their payment processed.

Meanwhile, attempting to blunt the knives of Tory rebels, PM Liz Truss told the Conservative Party conference this morning: "For too long, our economy has not grown as strongly as it should have done… Instead, we need to grow the pie so that everyone gets a bigger slice."

Read our cost of living live blog below for the latest updates....

  • Louis Allwood

    Bag an air fryer and cut energy costs

    Liyana Leena, 32, has suggested that if you are paying a trip to Home Bargains it might be worth perusing the electrical aisle for an air fryer.

    During my latest spree I noticed you could pick one up for £34 which is almost £30 cheaper than what most other shops sell them for. 

    Using an air fryer instead of an oven works out much cheaper when it comes to energy costs. 

    Sarah Broomfield, energy expert at Uswitch said: “While it could cost around 12p to cook chicken in an oven, it would cost about half that in an air fryer.”  

  • Louis Allwood

    Home Bargains shopping could save you money

    Liyana Leena, 32, is a self-confessed Poundland, B&M and Home Bargains superfan and has issued advice to Brits when it comes to finding the best deals.

    It might be better known for its cheap homewares but you could save yourself a fortune if you start filling your food cupboards at Home Bargains.

    I've done price comparisons for a while now and always found them to be the cheapest, especially on their packet, canned and jarred food. 

    Asda is often touted as having the lowest price point when it comes to food, particularly following the launch of its Just Essentials range.

    However, research shows that Home Bargains might be cheaper as Asda recently launched a price match with the store in a bid to keep up with its low costs.

    For example a bag of 40 Tetley Original tea bags will set you back £1.30 in Asda, whereas you could buy 75 for 99p in Home Bargains.

  • Louis Allwood

    Tesco job cuts

    325 jobs have been cut as part of a major shake-up as it plans to recruit thousands of temporary staff for Christmas.

    The Supermarket plans to recruit 12,500 temporary workers over the Christmas period but the cuts affecting their office and field-based teams and not those that work in its stores.

    Tesco spokesperson said: "Last month we announced some changes to a small number of roles in our office and regional teams, to ensure our business is as simple and efficient as possible, and so we can continue to invest for our customers.

    "This means a reduction of around 325 roles. We currently have over 500 vacancies in our office and will work with colleagues to find alternative roles wherever possible."

  • Louis Allwood

    Kwasi Kwarteng to meet executives from many high street banks tomorrow

    Many high street banks have been summoned for talks with Kwasi Kwarteng tomorrow.

    According to Sky News the Treasury has convened a meeting on where the chancellor is expected to quiz lenders on their plans.

    Executives from Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group and NatWest Group are among those expected to attend.

    It comes after hundreds of mortgage deals were pulled or frozen by banks.

  • Louis Allwood

    PM pledges she is 'determined to shield people from astronomically high bills'

    Ms Truss swore to protect vulnerable Brits from soaring energy bills.

    Last month the government introduced its Energy Price Guarantee, which will cap bills for the average household at £2,500.

    The PM pledged: "We are determined to shield people from astronomically high bills.

    "Our response to the energy crisis was the biggest part of the mini-Budget.

    "It was the biggest part for a good reason – because we had to do it."

  • Louis Allwood

    Thérèse Coffey claims Liz Truss was 'very strong today'

    Speaking to Sky News the Deputy PM said that Liz Truss was "very strong today" and she made it obvious how the nation will clearly "set out on growth".

    Every department in government is "a growth department".

    She added that "there will be more plans coming out in the next few weeks" and they will be "dealing with the important issues".

  • Louis Allwood

    Liz Truss vows to start 'doing things'

    Liz Truss said: "I'm not interested in just talking about things, but actually in doing things.

    “In these tough times, we need to step up. I’m determined to get Britain moving, to get us through the tempest and to put us on a stronger footing as a nation.”

  • Jack Elsom

    Truss ends with a vow to unleash a "new era" for Britain

    She said: "We're the only party with a clear plan to get Britain moving.

    "We're the only party with the determination to deliver. Together we can unleash the full potential of our great country.

    "That is how we will build a new Britain for a new era."

  • Jack Elsom

    Truss takes aim at the "anti-growth coalition"

    Liz Truss rattles through a slate of organisations she brands the "anti-growth coalition".

    It includes: Labour, the Lib Dems, the SNP, the militant unions, the vested interest dressed up as think tanks, the talking heads, the Brexit deniers, Extinction Rebellion "and some of the people we had in the hall earlier."

  • Jack Elsom

    Truss vows to tackle illegal immigration

    Liz Truss has insisted she has a plan to cut illegal immigration, one of the most pressing issues for voters.

    She said: "We're also taking decisive action by strengthening our borders and beefing up our Border Force and expanding the Rwanda scheme.

    "Our brilliant new Home Secretary will be bringing forward legislation to make sure that no European judge can overrule us.

    "Meanwhile the Labour Party has absolutely no plan to tackle illegal immigration."

  • Jack Elsom

    Truss addresses 45p tax u-turn

    Liz Truss said: "We need to be internationally competitive with all our tax rates attracting the best talent.

    "Cutting taxes helps us face the global economic crisis putting up a sign that Britain is open for business.

    "The fact is that the abolition of the 45p tax rate became a distraction from the major parts of our growth plan. That is why we're no longer proceeding with it. I get it and I have listened."

  • Jack Elsom

    Protesters disrupt Truss' speech

    Liz Truss' conference speech was briefly interrupted by two female protesters.

    They held up a banner saying "who voted for this" before being bundled out.

    Ms Truss said: "I was meant to talk about the anti-growth coalition later, but they came in too early!"

  • Jack Elsom

    Bog off, BOGOF

    Plans to ban Buy One Get One Free deals now seem truly dead in the water.

    Libertarian loving Liz Truss said: "I'm not interested in how many two for one offers you buy at the supermarket."

  • Jack Elsom

    Truss: "These are stormy days"

    Liz Truss told delegates in Birmingham that Britain is in "tough times" - but she will lead us through the "tempest".

    She said: "We're dealing with the global economic crisis. caused by COVID and by Putin's appalling war in Ukraine.

    "In these tough times, we need to step up. I'm determined to get Britain moving, to get us through the Tempest and to put us on a stronger footing as a nation."

  • Jack Elsom

    Here we go: Liz Truss is on the conference stage

    She enters to the 90s' song "Moving on Up"

  • Jack Elsom

    Truss is the party's "greatest asset"

    Liz Truss is the "greatest asset" of the Conservative Party, its chairman has claimed.

    On the final day of the party conference in Birmingham, Jake Berry said: "I promise you as chairman of the Conservative Party, I will do whatever it takes to win the next election but our greatest asset is our new Prime Minister."

    He added: "Liz Truss will unite and level up our country, she is the woman who will get Britain moving, and Britain will win."

  • Jack Elsom

    Smiling Liz Truss arrives for her speech

    The PM has arrived for her Tory conference speech hand in hand with husband Hugh.

    Liz Truss walked over the bridge connecting the Hyatt hotel to the main conference venue in Birmingham just now.

    She is due to take the stage just after 11am.

  • Jack Elsom

    Truss faces down her critics

    Wounded Liz Truss today takes on her critics - including those in her own party - with a conference speech doubling down on her growth agenda.

    An extraordinary few days has seen the new PM attacked from within the Tory ranks following the fallout of her controversial mini-Budget.

    Today she will try to project strength, telling the country: "For too long, our economy has not grown as strongly as it should have done.

    "For too long, the political debate has been dominated by how we distribute a limited economic pie.

    "Instead, we need to grow the pie so that everyone gets a bigger slice. That is why I am determined to take a new approach and break us out of this high-tax, low-growth cycle.

    "That is what our plan is about: getting our economy growing and rebuilding Britain through reform."

  • Jack Elsom

    Boris trumps Truss

    Liz Truss was dealt a fresh blow this morning as a poll showed she is more unpopular than Boris Johnson ever was.

    According to a YouGov survey, the PM has a net favourability rating of -59 among voters.

    Her embattled predecessor sunk to -53 at the lowest point of his premiership.

  • Henry Moore

    Tesco announces pay rises as Cost of Living crisis deepens

    The high street supermarket has announced pay rises for staff, as it looks to combat the deepening Cost of Living crisis.

    From November 13, the basic hourly rate of pay in Tesco stores will increase by 20p to £10.30, and to £10.98 in London.

    The shopworkers’ union Usdaw has praised this decision.

    Daniel Adams, national officer at Usdaw said: "As the cost-of-living crisis has deepened, Usdaw has continued to engage with Tesco on what can be done to support employees through this incredibly difficult time.

    "Securing additional investment outside of the normal pay cycle is unprecedented within the business and we welcome the fact that the company has engaged positively with the union and recognised the need to respond.

    "Usdaw is campaigning for urgent Government action on the cost-of-living crisis and will continue to engage with employers to secure urgent assistance to tackle the hardship that many of our members are facing.”

    Click here to read more.

  • Henry Moore

    Cheap broadband deals for struggling Brits

    Four million Brits are eligible for low-cost social broadband tariffs.

    But despite a slew of firms providing low-cost deals, only 1.2% of eligible Brits have signed up.

    Here is a list of companies which offer low-cost social broadband tariffs.

    Click here for more information.

  • Henry Moore

    Do NOT switch off your WiFi at night, say experts

    Despite having the potential to save you £20 a year, experts have warned against switching off your WiFi router at night in a bid to reduce energy consumption.

    According to experts, constantly switching off your WiFi could lead to reduced internet speeds.

    BT says: "Constantly switching off the hub makes the line look unstable, meaning that your speed may be automatically reduced to improve the reliability of your broadband connection.”

    Click here to read more.

  • Henry Moore

    The cost of living crisis is making children ‘stressed and anxious’

    Save the Children has revealed that youngsters in the UK are worried as their parents struggle to afford the cost of living.

    According to a poll for the charity, 24 per cent of parents have agreed their children are “stressed and anxious”.

    One in three said their children can’t take part in activities like hobbies and sports as costs rise, reported the Express.

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Would Sunak have been better than Truss?

    The pair fought hard to get the Prime Minister gig after Boris Johnson made a series of faux-pas during his tenure.

    Sunak eventually lost out to Truss, though his benefit plan would have been better for the poorest in society.

    With employers struggling to increase pay, matching benefits to income rate rather than inflation means those on benefits will lose out.

    Rishi’s plan was to increase benefits in line with inflation, which would mean those on benefits wouldn’t feel the pinch as much.

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    No fireworks for Bonfire night

    ITV news announced the cancellation of some fireworks displays this year.

    Some local organisers, concerned about the cost of living crisis, have decided to axe the annual event.

    Leeds, Hackney and Cardiff have all cancelled their firework displays this year.

    Talking about Hackney’s fireworks, Cllr Caroline Woodley said: “Sadly this year’s Hackney Fireworks display in Clissold Park will not go ahead again as the council continues to focus resources on responding to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and delivering essential services to our residents in this challenging financial climate.”