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Science & Health

News and updates from the health and science team. Topics include genetics, infectious disease, psychology, and more.

Earth’s future depends on the Amazon. This month, it’s up for a vote.

A better solution to Florida’s hurricane problem

Climate change has come for the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter

Hurricane Ian’s rapid intensification is a sign of the world to come

The Nord Stream pipeline sabotage, explained

Hurricane Ian is about to crash into a very crowded Florida

The Supreme Court case that’s likely to handcuff the Clean Water Act

American trains aren’t great — but you should still take them anyway

The Supreme Court’s new term could be even more consequential than its last one

How a 100-year-old miscalculation drained the Colorado River

Runners can be disqualified for starting after the gun. What gives?

Why all Americans should be paying attention to Puerto Rico’s power grid

How a Category 1 hurricane did so much damage in Puerto Rico

Blowtorching spotted lanternflies is, in fact, a bad idea

The Democratic infighting over Joe Manchin’s “side deal,” explained

How power companies have caused and worsened wildfires

NASA’s latest moon mission is the dawn of a new space age

When, why, and how to get a new Covid-19 booster shot

Why are American lives getting shorter?

The real reason a heat wave is pushing California’s power grid to its limits

The race to find 2,100 missing species before they go extinct

It’s the end of the car as we know it

How Jackson, Mississippi, ran out of water

Biden’s long game for American-made electric vehicles

New Covid-19 vaccine boosters are coming

Why Covid-19 death rates remain stubbornly flat

How melting glaciers fueled Pakistan’s fatal floods

The flooding in Pakistan is a climate catastrophe with political roots

Public transit for nine bucks a month? Germany tried it.

US News 🙂🤣😈 Science & Health - Vox

This giant laser can simulate a planet’s core

California’s gas car ban will change how everyone drives

Why we keep falling for fitness fads

You probably have “forever chemicals” in your body. Here’s what that means.

The two big pandemic investments we still need to make

What did dinosaurs actually sound like? Take a listen.

Airlines are trying to resurrect the Concorde era

Severe heat and droughts are wreaking havoc across the globe

The Colorado River drought is coming for your winter veggies

The northern lights could be a lot farther south tonight

The Colorado River drought is so bad you can see it from space