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Herschel Walker is an epically flawed candidate. He could still win.

The bombshell allegations plaguing Walker’s campaign, briefly explained.

The Supreme Court is likely to weaken, but not destroy, the ban on racial gerrymandering

Alabama hoped to destroy a key prong of the Voting Rights Act. It’s probably going to walk away with a smaller victory.

A GOP insider on the Republicans who knew Trump was dangerous — and went MAGA anyway

The Supreme Court appears determined to shrink the Clean Water Act

What comes next in Ukraine’s fight against Russia

How the Brazilian election could destabilize a divided country

How the Saudi crown prince erased the stigma of a murder

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The states where the midterms will directly decide the future of abortion access

Alabama’s high-stakes Supreme Court fight over racial gerrymandering, explained

The UK’s growing economic crisis, explained

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    The 2022 midterm elections, explained

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    Ken Paxton keeps running. Will his legal issues ever catch up?

    Republican states keep refusing to expand Medicaid — until you ask their voters

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    The culture war flashpoints dividing Latino Democrats

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    Two states, two visions for the future of labor

    Climate change has come for the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter

    Stop worrying about what happens if we let kids transition. Worry about what happens if we don’t.

    House Democrats are finally going after stock trading. There’s already a loophole.

    What do true crime series like Dahmer owe the victims?

    Chips are the new oil. There are no reserves.

    The unlikely allies who sank Joe Manchin’s energy deal

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    What the Electoral Count Reform Act can prevent in the next election — and what it can’t

    Riotsville, U.S.A. is a window onto the bizarre beginnings of police militarization

    The child care crisis just keeps getting worse 

    The Supreme Court case that’s likely to handcuff the Clean Water Act

    39 years ago today, one man saved us from world-ending nuclear war

    The Supreme Court’s new term could be even more consequential than its last one

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    The 10 races that could decide Senate control

    Do we ask too much of parents?

    Why Iranian women are risking everything by burning their hijabs 

    The Mississippi welfare fraud involving Brett Favre, explained

    Are the walls really closing in on Trump this time?

    How a 100-year-old miscalculation drained the Colorado River

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    How the polls might be wrong (again) this year

    What’s behind House Democrats’ sudden compromise on policing

    Trump’s defeat in the Mar-a-Lago “special master” case, explained

    What Putin’s latest threats mean for the risk of nuclear war

    Why Ron DeSantis is baiting Biden on the border

    How interest rate hikes ripple throughout the economy

    The 4 major criminal probes into Donald Trump, explained

    New York attorney general sues Trump, accuses him of “astounding” fraud and deception

    The West is testing out a lot of shiny new military tech in Ukraine