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The Bros and cons of being a huge, gay Hollywood rom-com

Who built Marilyn Monroe?

Stop worrying about what happens if we let kids transition. Worry about what happens if we don’t.

What do true crime series like Dahmer owe the victims?

Pop culture loves gender war stories. They leave something out.

Riotsville, U.S.A. is a window onto the bizarre beginnings of police militarization

The many scandals of Don’t Worry Darling, explained

House of the Dragon gives us a time jump, a season reset, and two horrible childbirths

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House of the Dragon and the Targaryen family, explained

HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel reveals a period of turbulence and upheaval for Daenerys’s formidable family.

The buzziest fall movies have something in common

Who owns what in Big Media today

Adnan Syed is free — and it only took years of criminal justice reform

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Inside Darren Aronofsky’s messy movie The Whale is something wise about religious trauma

How The Woman King confronts Africa’s role in the slave trade

Netflix’s Partner Track could have been a powerful examination of racism at work

House of the Dragon’s green dress signals a major series turning point

The racist backlash to The Little Mermaid and Lord of The Rings is exhausting and extremely predictable

Are weather apps lying? The truth is in the dew point.

In Ducks, Kate Beaton of Hark! A Vagrant goes bleak and desolate

The queen’s funeral (plus what’s happening with the money and the corgis), explained

What the film Women Talking loses (and preserves) from the 2018 novel

Nona the Ninth features dogs, lesbians, necromantic battles, increasing levels of Catholicism

House of the Dragon’s moral lesson of the week: Sex is always political

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When fine dining is a horror show

Does Taylor Swift want an Oscar? Perhaps (ahem) All Too Well.

The subtle power of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign

Why Disney didn’t buy Twitter

A complete timeline of the Lea Michele-Beanie Feldstein-Funny Girl casting controversy

In House of the Dragon, the king’s weakness is everyone’s loss

In The Rings of Power, it’s not horrifying to be a woman

Why movie tickets will be $3 across America this Saturday

They hate to see a nepotism baby winning

Where we’re spending our screentime, in 3 charts

TV shows keep making the loser in a love triangle bi

House of the Dragon continues to expose the misogyny of Westeros

Pumpkin spice lattes — and the backlash, and the backlash to the backlash — explained

The ugly way tennis treated Serena didn’t stop her

“Scary easy. Sketchy as hell.”: How startups are pushing Adderall on TikTok

Is it safe to toss a Targaryen dragon egg? An eggspert weighs in.